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Why choose River Ridge Rentals?

We provide a superior ROI by maximizing the rental revenue and minimizing expenses as well as mitigating general wear of the property. We are experts at managing high-end homes and handling the unique issues that can and do arise. We collect rental revenue and remit it to the owners on the next statement. No waiting until after the guests have departed; as soon as rental revenue is earned, it is directly deposited to you on the 10th of the next month. In addition, we handle the collection and remittance of lodging taxes, cleaning fees, trash pick-up fees, and travel and damage insurance.

How do you make sure guests do not damage my property?

We carefully screen all reservations through our double-check system. In addition, we require an age minimum of 30 as well as set a capacity limit for each home for the number of adults and children permitted.

How do you ensure my property is always in good shape?

Our team of maintenance professionals keep your property in tip-top condition. One or more of our staff members check the house prior to guests arrival as well as the day that guests depart (even on holidays). In addition, our team checks the house weekly if it is unoccupied.

Where will my home be advertised? What fees are associated?

We distribute listings across dozens of channels including HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey & TripAdvisor. In addition, we work hard to drive traffic to our own website through SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. No additional travel wholesaler or travel agent commission is deducted from your home. We do all of our bookings in-house so no commission or booking expense beyond the agreed upon commission split with River Ridge Rentals is ever deducted.

Do you handle hot tub maintenance?

Our team of maintenance professionals also handle all hot tub maintenance at no cost to you. The hot tub is checked prior to guests arrival, in the middle of a guest stay (of 5 or more nights), after guest departure and even when the home is not occupied.

Do you handle snow plowing?

We handle the removal of snow from all walkways, porches, decks, patios, etc. In addition, we contract out with our preferred providers for snow plowing services and roof snow removal as needed.