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18 Sep 2023
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As the heat of summer begins to wane and the days grow shorter, there's no better time to plan a getaway to Breckenridge, Colorado. Fall in this mountain paradise is a magical experience, with cooler temperatures and a breathtaking display of vibrant autumn colors. Join us on an adventure as we explore the best spots for leaf peeping and celebrate the beauty of the season.

When Do the Leaves Change in Breckenridge?

Thanks to its lofty elevation, Breckenridge is one of the first places in the United States where you can witness the transformation of leaves from green to a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, and oranges. Beginning in early to mid-September, the hillsides, valleys, and streets of Breckenridge come alive with the warm hues of autumn. It's a time when both visitors and locals eagerly hit the trails and embark on scenic drives to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

French Gulch Area: A Hidden Gem

One of the best places to experience the fall transformation is the French Gulch Area, located to the east of town. This area holds a rich history as it was once a thriving mining region, laying the foundation for the birth of Breckenridge in the late 1800s. Today, the groves of changing aspen trees make this region a stunning destination for fall hiking and biking.

Must-Visit Trails: French Gulch Area

Sallie Barber Trail: While it doesn't have as many aspens, it's a great trail for exploring the area and offers panoramic views, including the historic Sallie Barber Mine.

Minnie Mine Loop: A 1.6-mile loop trail that offers an abundance of aspen trees, mining relics, and stunning views of the 10 Mile Range.

B&B Trail: Known for its spruce and pine forests, this trail rewards you with captivating views of the aspen groves.

Don't forget to stop by the Country Boy Mine, a famous attraction on your way to witness the fall colors. Established in 1877, this mine offers daily tours, gold panning experiences, and family-friendly activities.

Scenic Drive: French Gulch Road

For a picturesque drive, head up French Gulch Road, where you'll be rewarded with dazzling displays of fiery colors surrounding historic mines and abandoned town sites. The graded dirt road is accessible to most vehicles and takes you past several old mines, including the tour-worthy Country Boy Mine, open year-round.

Boreas Pass Area: A Journey Through Gold

Embark on a stunning hour-long drive through the Boreas Pass Area, where you'll encounter a sea of fall colors and mesmerizing mountain views. The aspen groves here owe their existence to the cinders from an old narrow-gauge railroad that once traversed these slopes. Today, you can drive, bike, or hike through this enchanting tunnel of yellow. Boreas Pass Road ascends from downtown Breckenridge to over 11,400 feet at the top of the Continental Divide, offering numerous vistas overlooking the town and surrounding mountains. 

Aspen Viewing Around Town

Breckenridge's beauty isn't confined to the outskirts; the heart of the town offers its own charm with Main Street surrounded by stunning mountain backdrops and tranquil blue rivers lined with aspen trees.

Explore these hiking and biking trails in the area:

Main Street & Blue River Plaza: Stroll around historic Main Street and soak in the autumn scenery while exploring vibrant downtown Breckenridge.

Blue River Trail: This single-track trail parallels the Summit County Bike Path and is popular among fishers, hikers, and bikers due to its river access and scenic views of the 10 Mile Range.

Pence Miller Trail from Town Overlook: Follow the historic ditch trails for breathtaking aspen views, starting at the Town Overlook on Ski Hill Road.

Summit County Rec Paths and Bike Trails: Road bike enthusiasts can explore over 50 miles of perfectly paved, award-winning Recreational Pathway system.

Book your Trip:

Book your stay with River Ridge Rentals and embrace the beauty of fall in Breckenridge. Here, the mountains come alive with a riot of colors, and the air is filled with the crisp scent of autumn. Whether you're hiking through golden aspen groves or embarking on a scenic drive, you'll create unforgettable memories during this splendid season in the Colorado Rockies. So, grab your bags, prepare your camera, and get ready to experience fall at its finest in Breckenridge from the comfort of one of our beautiful homes. Your perfect autumn getaway awaits!