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17 Jan 2023
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You’ve gathered the whole family for your Breckenridge ski trip but there’s a problem, not everyone in the family wants to ski. How will you keep them entertained on your mountain vacation? While the Summit County area is primarily known for excellent skiing, there are also plenty of other fun and unique winter activities for those in the group who just aren’t interested in hitting the slopes.

Have a Snowman Building Competition: Here’s a great one for the kids. Wait for a night of fresh snow and then have a snowman-building competition! Here are some basic rules to get you started:
1) All items used to build the snowman must come from outside.
2) The snowman can be any creature but must have a face.
3) Your snowman must have a name.
Whoever wins the competition can get a candy haul from one of the local candy stores!

Enjoy the Lights: Enjoying the bright city lights on a snowy night can be truly magical. We recommend visiting Main St. Breckenridge for the best showcase, even after the holidays! Another great spot to visit is the Main Street Mile in downtown Frisco. Enjoy some delicious dining and shopping as well!

Take a Dog Sledding Trip: Another exciting activity the whole family can enjoy is dog sledding. It’s a great and unique way to check out the snowy mountain scenery. We recommend checking out Good Times Adventures but make sure to make a reservation in advance as they book up quickly!

Make a Winter Scrapbook: Make a lasting memory of your mountain vacation by creating a winter scrapbook. Collect photos of the area, small items like pine needles, and small trinkets from the local stores. Handwrite some daily notes about your trip and assemble the book before you depart. You’ll love having a keepsake to look back on your Breckenridge vacation.

Take a Winter Picnic: Bundle up and take the family out on a winter picnic! Several local parks stay open year-round and are great for a wintery afternoon lunch. We recommend packing warm cider and soup for your meal. If you’d prefer to skip the cooking, check out Soupz On for delicious takeaway soups and sandwiches.

Movie by the Fire: To wrap your day up, consider renting a classic winter movie to watch while warming by the fire. Some of our family favorites are Frozen, Cool Runnings, Groundhog Day, and Home Alone. Make some s’mores to pair with your movie and enjoy your warm winter night!

When you’re ready to book your winter vacation to the mountains, make sure to book one of the luxury homes through River Ridge Rentals! Renting one of our Summit County homes is the perfect way to enjoy all our favorite winter activities and skiing!