Summer In Breckenridge - 2017 Edition

Ask a local about their three favorite things in Breckenridge and they’ll say snow, slopes and… summer! With just as much fun to be had during the summer months, Breckenridge has plenty in store for everyone.


Kick off your days with a summer hike through fields of wild flowers or with summit views. For the beginner hiker, we suggest the 1.2 miles of McCullough Gulch which follows a series of eight gushing cascades. For a more moderate to difficult hike, Mohawk Lakes is well worth it. Old mining cabins, multiple lakes and many waterfalls will keep you snapping pictures of Colorado’s beauty on this 6.6 mile hike.  While hiking the steep switchbacks beside Continental Falls (the largest waterfall around Breckenridge), look out for several offshoot trails that lead to the edge of the waterfalls for incredible views of the falls and cliff faces. As many trails are at higher elevation, make sure to drink plenty of water and always pack out what you’ve packed in.


Still looking for more thrills? Summer in Summit County is high time for white water rafting. The best guides in town are at AVA Rafting and Zipline with tours ranging from beginner to advanced. Guides are friendly, knowledgeable and professional while making sure you have the ride of your life! If you’re not interested in getting on the river, AVA offers two locations within an hour of Breckenridge for Zip Line tours.


Looking to slow it down a little? Meander through town and check out any of Breckenridge’s 200 shops, galleries and restaurants. Our favorite would have to be Breckenridge Creative Arts, a multidisciplinary nonprofit organization developed by the Town of Breckenridge itself. Responsible for successful management of programs, properties and partnerships, Breck Creates offers classes, showings, concerts and more throughout the heart of downtown Breckenridge.


For those that just can’t get enough of the slopes, Breckenridge offers scenic chairlift rides throughout the summer. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and views heading up to Peak 8 – and those looking for bigger thrills will find the alpine slide, gold coaster and more! Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring appropriate clothing – the weather changes quickly at higher elevation.


End your summer evening at Breckenridge Distillery, the world’s highest distillery. Enjoy a daily tour (tours leave every half hour and no pre-registration is required) or opt for the VIP experience, an after hours private tour offering samples of unique products, a peek on what’s going on in the lab or a taste of barrel aged projects that have never been bottled. Stay for dinner at the restaurant - plates are meant to be shared - and be sure the pick up a few bottles to bring home.


Next time you think of Breckenridge’s snowy slopes, be sure to remember it’s fun for all seasons!