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7 Feb 2022
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Be prepared to see far more than just majestic mountains on your visit to Summit County. The area abounds with wildlife, including many animals only seen in the high-altitude peaks of the mountains. We list a few of the animals you may see on your next visit and some fun facts you may not know about them here. Always remember, these animals are wild. Respect their space and do not feed them or approach them under any circumstance.

Black Bears – Black bears are the continent's smallest and most abundant bear species. They have one distinct goal in life: get fat before winter. Due to this, they are always looking for the easiest meal that requires the least amount of energy to gather. Unfortunately, this does cause trouble for the human-bear relationship. Bears will eat anything, including trash, pet food, birdfeeder seeds, and more. It’s important to remember to keep all trash and food secured in an indoor space. For more information on living with bears, check out the Town of Breckenridge’s Bear Guide.

Moose – Moose are a part of the deer family and are the largest species of such. They can grow to a height of nearly 7 feet and weigh up to 1500 pounds. They are naturally curious and often find themselves in populated mountain areas. If you encounter a moose, make sure to maintain a safe distance. Moose can be aggressive and are fast runners, reaching speeds of up to 35 MPH. Read more on safety guidelines when encountering a moose on the Town of Breckenridge’s Moose Guide.

Red Fox – The red fox is one of the most seen native wildlife in the area. They are very playful and frequently are found hunting in the grassy knolls of the mountains. While they are a part of the canine family, their behavior is more like a cat. They are nocturnal, great climbers, and use their whiskers to navigate small areas. Foxes can be very bold when approaching humans, and while they are cute, do not feed them. Feeding them can disrupt their health and their behavior, occasionally causing attacks on smaller family pets when they return looking for another meal.

Mountain Goats – Mountain goats are a very common sight while traversing mountain trails. They are adept climbers and can leap up to 12 feet with one jump. They are typically unafraid of humans and will even occasionally get close for a curious sniff. Again, it’s important not to feed these animals and to give them space and respect. While they are typically not dangerous, when feeling threatened, they can charge and attack with their sharp horns.

For a list of more animals you may see on your visit, check out GoBreck’s Wildlife Guide. And if you haven’t already, make sure to book the perfect mountain vacation home with River Ridge Rentals today!