Make The Most Of Mud Season

The time between the the end of ski season and the glorious days of summer is springtime in most parts of the country – but to the Rocky Mountains, where the highest peaks have snow well into June, it’s mud season. The slopes are closed, the snow is melting and town is tranquil. What some might call the ‘off season’ is the perfect time to visit Summit County!


If you’re looking to get out there and enjoy the scenery you still can – even without the use of snowshoes. The trails will still be covered in snow but with enough traffic throughout the season, the snow will be packed down, providing enough support to walk on top of. Just don’t step off the trail – you’ll likely end up stepping down knee deep into the slush melting beneath the snow and really learn the meaning of ‘mud season.’ Be sure to check out Boreas Pass Road for great views. If you just haven’t quite gotten your fix of the slopes, you’re still in luck. Arapahoe Basin continues the ski season well into May (with record breaking seasons going into August) with most terrain still open and live music every weekend.


If you’re looking for something a little slower paced, fly-fishing in the Blue River is the place to be. Guide services like The Colorado Angler and Mountain Angler offer guide services for area trips (reservations are recommended in advance.)


Want something even slower? Book yourself a spa day at one of the area’s amazing spas – maybe even complement the season with a mud mask! Most spas also offer discounts at this time so be sure to check when booking an appointment.


When it’s time to dine be sure to get a Breckenridge Dining Passport. This information-packed pamphlet is available seasonally, offering discounts, special deals and promotions at participating restaurants. Each season, proceeds from passport sales ($10 per passport) are donated back to the community for college scholarship funds.


Even with the ski season coming to an end, Summit County’s ‘off season’ delivers!