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6 Mar 2020
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Part of what makes Summit County so special is its location. However, being 9,602 feet above sea level means the air is thin, the humidity is low, and the lack of oxygen can leave your throat, nose, and mouth feeling very dry. While visiting the mountains, it’s essential to drink plenty of water, staying hydrated is very important to adjust to the altitude and dry, thin air. We often have guests request humidifiers to use at their rental home to add moisture and make their stay more comfortable. As a company policy, River Ridge Rentals does not supply humidifiers for homes.

While we want our guests to be comfortable, it’s more important that they stay healthy. Studies have shown that humidifiers can fill household air with tiny particles and microorganisms that may cause allergies or illness. It is unsafe to be breathing these particles, and even humidifiers with antimicrobial features are no substitute for a regular sanitizing. Even with daily cleaning, humidifiers can still be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold– and the problem becomes especially severe when humidifiers are filled with ordinary tap water. When using humidifiers, it is important only to use distilled water, clean it frequently with vinegar, never add essential oils, never use in an enclosed space, and keep an eye out for white dust. 

River Ridge Rentals is unfortunately not equipped to ensure proper use or sufficient sanitation of all machines. We recommend talking with your health care provider about options for saline nasal drops for dry throats and noses. If you still feel a humidifier would enhance your comfort, we recommend either renting or purchasing one for your use while at your rental home. For humidifier rentals, we recommend contacting Mountain Tot, a local family-owned and operated company! Humidifiers run $5/night and all machines are cleaned and sanitized before delivery to your home. You can also find a few different options on Amazon that you can order and pick up at the Amazon Locker in the Whole Foods in Frisco. You can also pick one up at Target in Silverthorne or Walmart in Frisco. There are also travel-sized ones you can buy on Amazon and bring with you wherever you go! 

Don’t let the dry air keep you from a mountain getaway; just be sure to come prepared to enjoy the most out of your vacation! River Ridge Rentals is your vacation headquarters, offering luxury lodging for all types of vacations, featuring fantastic amenities, multiple locations, beautiful views, and more – book today!

Photo credit to Walmart.