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30 Apr 2019
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Trip Planning

Spring weather in Colorado can be warm, sunny, and inviting. It can also be below zero and blowing snow. And it’s not terribly uncommon for it to happen all in one day, especially in Summit County. Learn how to enjoy all that Colorado weather has to offer in the tips below!

The secret to staying dry and comfortable in Colorado is layers, lots and lots of layers. Take clothing off as the weather warms up throughout the day, then back on as it cools off once the sun goes down.

Start with a base layer. Synthetic or natural material is a personal preference but whatever you choose, it needs to be moisture-wicking (moving sweat away from your skin.) Make sure this is a snug fit as it needs to be in direct contact with your skin in order to do its job. We recommend Sun & Ski Sports in Dillon for finding a base layer that best fits you.

Next is the middle or insulating layer. This layer helps retain body heat. The more efficient this layer is, the warmer you’ll be - so it should be the first thing you ditch when the sun is out and you’re feeling too warm. Choose one to two layers of fleece (breathable and dries quickly), a down insulated jacket (packs down easily and provides some water and wind resistance), or a synthetic insulated jacket (stays warm even when damp.) Mountain Sports Outlet in Silverthorne will have everything you need to find the perfect middle layer to keep you warm.

The last layer is your outer layer, protecting you and your base and mid-layers from wind, rain, and snow. Most outer layers - or shells - allow perspiration to escape but are treated with a water repellent finish to make moisture bead up and roll off the fabric. This layer should prevent wind and water from penetrating to your inner layers. Find a functional and stylish outer layer at one of the many Christy Sports locations throughout Summit County.

Of course, weather affects you from your head to your toes, so stop into Pioneer Sports in Frisco or Silverthorne to find something to keep your dome warm or the sun off your face. Blue River Sports offers a large selection of styles of sock and materials to keep your feet warm and is located right in downtown Breckenridge.

And in true Colorado fashion, it’s always smart to pack a water bottle and sunscreen wherever you go. Altitude sickness and a sunburn are quick ways to put a damper on your vacation.

Packing for a Colorado vacation can be hard with the ups and downs of our weather but if you pack correctly (or don’t and pick up a few items here!) all it takes is a few layers to create an excellent vacation for you and your family. Book your River Ridge Rentals accommodations today!

Photo credit to Mountain Sports Outlet.