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28 Feb 2018
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Trip Planning

Visitors to the Rocky Mountains always seem to notice a few things: the beauty, the sun, and the dry, dry air. The air here is thinner, the humidity is low, and the lack of oxygen can leave your throat, nose and mouth feeling very dry.

While we always recommend drinking plenty of water, many guests request humidifiers to add moisture to their home to make their stay more comfortable. As a company policy, River Ridge Rentals does not supply humidifiers to homes. And here is why:

We want our guests to be comfortable but also healthy – and studies have shown that humidifiers can fill household air with tiny particles and microorganisms that may cause allergies or illness, especially those suffering from asthma or allergies. Even humidifiers with antimicrobial features are no substitute for a regular sanitizing. Without a daily cleaning, humidifiers are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold– and the problem becomes especially severe when humidifiers are filled with ordinary tap water. If the indoor air becomes too humid, the problem worsens with the possibility of molds and other microorganisms growing on household surfaces.

As daily cleaning of humidifiers is undoubtedly necessary, River Ridge Rentals is unfortunately not equipped to ensure sufficient sanitation of all machines. Instead, if you feel a humidifier would enhance your comfort, we recommend contacting Mountain Tot, which is local family owned and operated! Humidifiers run $5/night and all machines are cleaned and sanitized before delivery to your home (which is offered seven days a week)!